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Innovative Concepts IT and Cyber Security Services Inc., was founded for the purpose of helping small and midsize businesses without an in-house IT department to become their IT and Cyber Security Department.  We know the importance and the need of every company in having their networks and systems managed and secured.  We also know that these services are so costly that most small and mid-size businesses may not be able to afford the cost.   This is why we are in business, to help provide these services in an affordable way.  We also do business with the United States Federal Government, States Government and Local Government.

No company is too small or too big for us.  We service every company that needs our services whether the company has only two users or as large as more than 100,000 users; each company will only pay for which services they need to maintain their network.  Your company is important to us, so give us a call anytime, and we will work to meet your needs.  Our staff members are trained professionals and we will provide your company a dedicated and committed staff who will take care of your needs while being supported behind the scenes. We will tailor your services according to your unique needs, and as you grow, we grow with you.

We do not only manage IT and Cyber Security; we can also do the purchasing and installation of hardware/software for your company as well.  From our years of experience, we will give you our best advice according to your needs.  If you need to train your staff members, we are equipped for that as well.

We do not just manage and secure your network and information, we also provide complete Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services and 24/7/365 Security Operation Center (SOC) support with real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring to help our customers demonstrate compliance in their industries.  We can demonstrate compliance with more than 23 regulatory industrial standards including HIPPA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and GLBA.

We operate a training center where we can train your employees or college students hands-on in the IT and Cyber Security fields. After these trainings, these trainees can take their certification tests in our certified test center, and become certified in their interested fields.  Also, we can come to your office to train your staff and bring our mobile test center to your office or schools.  Our test center is not limited to certifying people in the IT and Cyber Security, but also offer  testing in ALL fields.

Innovative Concepts is an outsourcing company that manages and secures networks, information, end users, websites and telecommunications for other organizations.  Our goal is threefold; to manage and keep partners’ information confidential, to maintain the integrity of their information, and to make their information available to the intended users of their information.  Give us a call, and you will be in good hands.  Our company was established in order to deliver the highest level of IT and Cyber Security support services to all our partners, whether small, mid-size or large partners.

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We are Innovative.  We employ a great number of highly skilled specialists that know their job better than anyone. With a vast range of services we provide – from giving you 24/7 365 days technical support all over the USA, and at our other locations all over the world.  Our managers will do everything necessary to get your hardware and software working, and to secure your assets.

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