Network Care

Network Care


Network Care: Greater visibility, automation and documentation of partners’ networks and network devices
The Innovative Network Care is a complete network management solution, combining powerful software with support from Innovative Network Operations Center (NOC). With innovative technicians providing 24×7 monitoring, proactive troubleshooting and issue remediation, to profitably manage our partners’ networks without the need for them to hire expensive network engineers or other internal resources.

We Support Entire Networks, Not Just Endpoints:
Our network infrastructure management enables us to capture a greater view of the environments we are supporting, while extending support capabilities beyond traditional endpoint management to support routers, switches, firewalls, Wi-Fi controllers and more.  We simplify network management by providing powerful software solution with a simplified user interface, real-time network mapping capabilities and other features designed to help us deliver network services to our partners.

Scale with a Fully-Managed Solution:
When our software is deployed, our NOC remediate all critical and actionable alerts of all network alert traffic and our trained technicians will communicate with our partners only when any action is needed from them.

Centralize Monitoring and Management of Networks and Endpoints
The Innovative Network care manages alerts and tickets for all endpoints and networks from one portal, and single-source billing from Innovative simplifies the payment process and helps save our partners valuable time.

 Maximize Margins with our On-Demand Network Experts and a Pay-As-You-Grow Model
With Innovative NOC technicians available 24x7x365, our partners are able to leverage our expertise as needed while keeping their labor costs to a minimum. They will only pay for devices that are active on their network.


Features Overview


  • Automated Network Mapping -In minutes, see a complete map of your physical and logical topology.
  • Automated Inventory -have a profile for every device on your network at your fingertips.
  • Network Documentation -instantly know how everything on your network is connected.
  • IP Address Management -get an automatic list of all the IP addresses you’re currently using and which devices are using them
  • Map Search & Filter -quickly find and visually isolate any part of your network.
  • Map Export -print any map view to PDF for easy sharing or storage


  • In-App Terminal Securely access any Telnet or SSH-enabled device on your network from anywhere.
  • Password Managementnever again forget device credentials or leave them vulnerable.


  • Remote Browser -log into any device’s web interface directly from your dashboard.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Add an extra layer of security to your account.
  • Network Evidence instantly know where a device has been seen across your network.


  • Alerts & Notificationsstay on top of important events on your network with both
    preconfigured and customizable alerting.
  • Service Monitoringinventory and monitor the services running on nearly any device
    on your network.
  • Context-Aware Dataget relevant and actionable information tailored to each device
  • Rich Statisticsunderstand and improve the stability of your network with usage
    and health stats.
  • Live & Historic Dataview network performance as it happens with 60-second polling
    or dive into detailed logs.
  • Netflow Data & Analyticsgain real-time visibility into your network traffic.


  • Context-Aware DataAll the technical debugging data you need, pooled in one easy-to-access location.
  • Configuration ManagementsKnow exactly how your devices are configured and when
    they change. Never miss a backup.
  • Live & Historic DataInstantly bring back any configuration from your version history.
  • Netflow Data & Analytics -get suggestions for improving the performance and stability
    of your network.